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Pyx as the Dragon of Generosity

28th May 2016, 11:19 PM in Chapter 6
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Pyx as the Dragon of Generosity
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Author Notes:

tyrtapir 28th May 2016, 11:19 PM edit delete
Gourd Day
Violet - Thanksgiving
Pyx - Dragon of Generoristy
Replaces old Festival - god of avarice

In the dark early days of slavery, the Ix were primarily meat eaters and the only vegetables they had regular access to were the tasteless purple gourds which grow around graveyards and battlefields. To eat these was seen as a sign of weakness, being the very bottom of the pecking order. Today, in better times, there is an abundance of food to chose from, but gourmet chefs pay particular homage to the humble gourd, finding ways of drawing out enticing and arousing flavours. On Gourd Day, also known as Festooning Day for obscure reasons, a great feast pays homage to the gourd and how far the Ix have come to cast off the prejudices of the past. It is a festival of generosity, open minded tolerance and sharing. You have to try something new on this day.
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