Crooked Sabre

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Sabre as the Dragon of Love

13th Jan 2016, 9:38 PM in Chapter 6
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Sabre as the Dragon of Love
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tyrtapir 13th Jan 2016, 9:38 PM edit delete

Potting Day
Orange - Valentine’s Day
Sabre, Dragon of Love
Replaces old festival - vengeance god
Potting day celebrates love and kindness. The Ix pot flowering plants, traditionally in terra cotta pots and deliver them to loved ones and lovers. Ix do not like to cut flowers as this represents life cut short, which is way too close too home for them. Potting day represents beauty without cruelty and love as a virtue for today, in the moment, but no something which can be held forever. Love is a flame which becomes brighter when you pass it on to the custodianship of others, seek to hold on to it too tightly and you smother it.
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